We did a guest spot on Your Mac Life – the top Mac podcast last night.

Shawn King is a real gentleman, a very, very funny host – and such a fan of what we’re doing he dedicated a big chunk of the show to thingCHARGER.

We come in at about 46.40 with a rather bizarre hand-off from the previous guest thanks to Google Hangout Special Effects. Take a look:

By almost any measure, thingCHARGER’s launch campaign is a huge success:

  • Way past initial funding goal
  • Industry-wide recognition as one a top ‘crowdfunding done right’ campaign
  • Potentially one of the all-time top campaigns

Now we’re inviting you to join us inside the campaign as we take it to the next level, and just maybe make crowdfunding history.

Membership is FREE. If you’ve already contributed to thingCHARGER on Indiegogo, you’re in. If not please contribute now if you can stretch to $1 or fill out this form if you can’t.