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Awesome. Just ordered a bunch of these…$$$$$$$
Really cool new charger design for smartphones, tablets, etc. So simple. Brilliant. Really:$$$$$$$ #thingCHARGER


This thingCHARGER Launch is stunning…$$$$$$$
Really cool new thing if you have any (or many!) phones/tablets etc in your life. Brilliant Design:$$$$$$$ #thingCHARGER


How come no-one thought of this before???$$$$$$$
We all HATE the mess of wires that charge our phones & tablets. These guys said “Why not NO wires”? So simple its kind of amazing:$$$$$$$ #thingCHARGER


This is an AWESOME Demo of a great-looking product…$$$$$$$
I love it when someone takes something that’s a pain and makes a really simple solution. Brilliant video shows it really well. I’m getting several:


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  I just ordered a bunch of these #thingCHARGER Brilliant new charger for smartphones, tablets, etc. Genius:$$$$$$$

  We’re all sick of ads but this #thingCHARGER video is amazing. I’m getting a bunch of these:$$$$$$$

  Did you see this yet? #thingCHARGER Awesome new charger for smartphones, tablets, etc. So simple. Brilliant:$$$$$$$

  We all HATE the mess of wires to charge our phones & tablets. #thingCHARGER said NO MORE! Simple, amazing:$$$$$$$

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Subject:I think I’ve found your phone charger


I just came across this amazing new thing for charging your smartphone or table.

This guy just invented it in his basement and is now having a campaign to bring it to market – it’s brilliant.

I’m getting 3 for my kitchen, two for each office and a couple for the bedroom. I love it when someone just turns an everyday problem on its head and solves it so elegantly.

Would you take a look and let me know what you think please?$$$$$$$

Feel free to edit it any way you want. The more personal and true-to-you it is the better. The most successful mail we’ve ever sent out didn’t ask anyone to contribute, just to take a look and give us feedback.

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