Legal Mumbo Jumbo

(Ahem. That is: Thank You Program Terms & Conditions)

We want this program to be as fun and fair as humanly possible, so please read these notes to understand the rules of the game!

  1. These Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) apply to the referral program for our launch on as we reopen our Forever Funding campaign in September of 2014.
  2. In order to participate you must be registered as a user with Indiegogo and use your unique Indiegogo tracking number. This is your responsibility and it is your responsibility to check that the links you are sharing are correctly formatted.
  3. The link you must use is: – where XXXXXXX is your unique tracking number. You alone are responsible for knowing and correctly using your Indiegogo Tracking Number. This website will attempt to help you by detecting your number and updating the links it provides. You must always check that the links you are using are correct.
  4. To find your Indiegogo Tracking Number:
    a: Create an account or log in here at
    b: While logged in to Indiegogo visit the thingCHARGER page at
    c: Note the URL in your browser. At the end there will be an X then a ‘/’ (slash) and then a number. That is your Indiegogo number. If this: “XXXXXXX” is not your Indiegogo Tracking Number you can update it here and the pages of this site will attempt to use that number to formulate your links to assist you.
  5. The Indiegogo number you see on our Indiegogo page while you are logged into Indiegogo is the ONLY number you may use to participate in this program.
  6. If you share your Indiegogo number with us we will help you with web pages and emails that incorporate your number. You should make your own note of your links and always check that any links you use are correct.
  7. We do not tolerate spam in any form whatsoever and anyone using such techniques will immediately be eliminated from this program, ineligible for any compensation under this program.The ‘rewards’ under this program are as follows:
  8. thingCHARGERs for Referrals who Support this Campaign
    a: If you are yourself a contributor, we will award you 200 thingPOINTs for every referral contribution you initiate through your sharing efforts
    b: We will keep you updated with your thingPOINTs and referall numbers via email. If you choose not to receive emails about thingPOINTs, you may also check your unique totals at the mythingPOINTs page.
  9. In order for a referral to receive 200 thingPOINTs, the referred contributor must have a minimum donation of $58 dollars. Any donations ranging from $29 dollars to $57 dollars will award 100 thingPOINTs to the the sponsoring contributor. Donations ranging from 0 to $27 dollars will not trigger the sponsoring sharer to be awarded thingPOINTs.
  10. New York Vacation for Top Referrers in Each of 3 Categories
    a: thingCHARGER will award a ‘New York Vacation’ to three winners, one in each of these categories– The highest total value of thingPOINTs from referrals– The highest number of referrals who contribute– The highest number of referrals who visit thingCHARGERs Indiegogo page
    b: In all three cases the referrers must meet the CT threshold defined above, and the raw numbers provided to us by Indiegogo will be weighted to account for the CT threshold. Again, this measure is purely to protect the campaign from a liability generated by worthless or low-value referrals.
    c: The New York Vacation consists of a return flight (or US$500) to a New York airport, three nights accommodation in the gorgeous Hudson Valley village of Cornwall-on-Hudson and a ticket to a Broadway Show (or US$150). If you elect to take cash instead of the vacation the payment will be $650. If you take the vacation you may bring one other person with you and accommodation will be provided but you will be responsible for additional travel and other expenses.
  11. Any compensation due under any part of this program is due one calendar month after thingCHARGER ships the first factory-produced thingCHARGERs and not before.
  12. If you are not already a supporter of our campaign who is due to be shipped three or more thingCHARGERs, we will ask you to pay $10 towards S&H.
  13. All contributors to the first thingCHARGER campaign will receive double thingPOINTs throughout the second campaign. These can be used at face value to trade in for all upgrades and prizes.
  14. All contributors who earned thingCHARGERs in the first campaign will receive a credit of 600 thingPOINTs (equal to 1 thingCHARGER). The cash equivalent of these rollover points will be $5 to reflect the initial campaign promise.
  15. thingPOINTs can be cashed in at a rate of 2.5 cents per point. A minimum of 5,000 thingPOINTs must be banked in order convert to cash.