What are the rewards?

There’s full details on the rewards page .

How does it work?

When someone clicks on your unique link Indiegogo records a ‘referral’. If they then contribute to our campaign Indiegogo records a conribution (and the amount).

Where can I see my clicks/referrals, number of contributors and $ contributed.?

Log into Indiegogo (the link is top right on the Indiegogo home page).

Visit ‘My Profile’ (its on the pull-down menu top right when you’re logged in).

Click on the ‘My Impact’ tab to see all the info.

Are you sure Indiegogo is tracking everything properly?

Yes – but you need to understand how the tracking works (and by the way this is true of systems used across the web, not just Indiegogo):

  • You must start off with exactly the right link. Any mistakes in the number or any other part of the link you give out and it wont get recorded. Its easy to get right, just take care.
  • If the visitor’s computer/browser isn’t performing as expected then the tracking can get lost. Almost everyone has javascript and cookies running just fine, but sometimes people don’t and there’s simply nothing anyone can do about that.
  • If someone leaves our page at Indiegogo without contributing, then returns later (not via your link) and contributes, that contribution may not be recorded.
  • Indiegogo’s reporting is sometimes delayed up to several days. While everything is recorded in real time as it happens, the numbers won’t always show up right away in your account. Our experience is they always do eventually, but it can be frustrating waiting for them.

If you have questions about the operation of their tracking, please contact Indiegogo Support.

I referred XYZ and ABC and I don’t see the referrals showing up.

Please read the section above, then if you are certain there is a real issue contact Indiegogo Support.

I referred XYZ and ABC can you please confirm that everything is fine and I’ll be getting my rewards?

We will be sending rewards at the appropriate time based on the data recorded by Indiegogo, and which you can see when you log in and view ‘My Impact’ (see above).

If you have questions about those numbers please understand that thingCHARGER doesn’t operate the tracking system – Indiegogo does (and charges a percentage of the funds raised to do so). So please contact Indiegogo Support with any questions.

Why is the referral Link you’ve given me different from the one Indiegogo gives me?

The code we are giving you works exactly the same as Indiegogo’s during the campaign (it actually directs traffic to their code), but once the Indiegogo campaign is done links using their code are kind of a dead-end, because they’ll lead to an old, closed campaign.

The links we are giving you here will still be good after the campaign, because we will direct them to thingCHARGER.com where the party will continue.

How come the StumbleUpon and Reddit links don’t include my code?

StumbleUpon and Reddit work differently than other sites – they are all about the community voting up a single great web destination for others to visit, so it doesn’t work to have countless different personal URLs there as likely none of them would gain enough votes to make an impact.

The bottom line is that sharing on StumbleUpon and Reddit would be a HUGE help to this campaign, but there isn’t a way to do it that helps your personal total. If that’s your single focus, leave them out, but if you’re the kind, loving, generous and rather good-looking individual we believe you to be then please give thingCHARGER a vote, a nudge, a mention there too.

When do I get my extra thingCHARGERs?

We will add them to the ‘perks’ (if any) you chose when you contributed to the campaign, and ship at the same time as everybody else.

What if I use the wrong code?

If you use the wrong code it won’t track properly and it simply isn’t possible for us to fix it by hand. Indiegogo has built and runs a huge robust system that tracks everything, and the only way we can operate a program like this (which, by the way is the most generous we’ve ever seen) is to explain the way it works, honestly, and ask everyone to understand the system and its limitations.

What’s the catch?

None, but we do have some Terms & Conditions to stop folks less super than you from abusing the program.