1-9-2015 Weekly Recap - 2015!

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Jan 9th, 2015 Weekly Recap


  • Having a high quality product that functions properly is critical to the success of thingCHARGER. Recently an inferior product was developed by an infomercial company. The product was a complete copy of thingCHARGER. The product was rushed to market and ultimately flopped. This is most likely due to its very poor quality and the dissatisfaction from customers.
  • Seymour Segnit explains the foundation we have built thanks to our supporters. He shows a thingCHARGER and explains the last change to the tips. The tip change ensures proper adjustment and function that complies with the high standard we have set for thingCHARGER. This final adjustment to the tips has moved shipment to the end of Q2, possibly the beginning of Q3.
  • When thingCHARGER comes to market we will start fulfilling perk packages while simultaneously fulfilling direct orders.
  • Many people have been asking about the technical electrical details of thingCHARGER. For those that want the detailed and technical specs please email su[email protected] and Ashley will send the info to you.