It is happening. And as with most crowdfunded projects – indeed most projects in life – we’ve had a few bumps along the way.

Most of our supporters know they are supporting this project to help get it off the ground (and that bringing a product like this to market is a long and arduous process). However, we also appreciate that some would like to be more involved.

Recently, we have been receiving requests for more regular updates on product development, so here is what we will be doing:

First, there will be monthly updates on our Indiegogo campaign page, and additionally, if there are major or important milestones.

Second, this blog will offer regular updates every week or so.

So, in this first blog post, here’s a little bit about what is currently happening in the thingCHARGER world:

1. We have an awesome 3D prototype and will be able to share updated renderings and physical “prototype” shortly. We are really excited to show you these, so stay tuned for our next update.

2: We’ve tweaked the tip design so the tips are long and slim instead of wide. As a result, they will allow charging with your device in almost any case.

3: We originally had a U.S. manufacturer lined up and ready to go with quotes. As the project developed, however, it became increasingly clear that they didn’t ‘have our back’: their entire focus was on getting checks written (to them!) with zero sense that our project mattered to them at all.

To make thingCHARGER amazing, we need a manufacturing partner that is thrilled to work on the product. After talking to some huge names, we are now finalizing a manufacturing-distribution agreement with an amazing team. These discussions always take much longer than expected, but we’re now days away from a signed agreement. There is such confidence and commitment on both sides that while the lawyers do their thing, we are already working together to get things moving as quickly as possible.

4. We’re getting countless inquiries about a delivery date, and trust us, we cannot wait to have one. Ironically, it was one of our key criteria while searching for a new partner - one reason why it took a while to find. Our priority is to deliver you the highest quality product possible, as fast as possible. We’re currently told that, as we previously said, we’ll be shipping later this year, probably early Q4.

5. As for the future of thingCHARGER: this first U.S. version is currently our top priority. However, we have filed both domestic and foreign patents to protect our designs for future versions.

Although we are a little further behind than we initially planned, we are definitely making progress. Even though we say it every time, we cannot thank you enough for your incredible and ongoing support; we really appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on bringing this invention to life.

Amy, Seymour and the thingCHARGER team.

Hello, thingCHARGER supporters! Here’s this month’s update:

Late last year, we asked for your help in launching thingCHARGER, and you graciously contributed. We take that very seriously and are working to build something you can be proud of. That said, we get frequent emails from people unfamiliar with crowdfunding, or who prefer we get a cheap factory to fill their perks ASAP. But we’re strongly dedicated in our promise to you, which is to make thingCHARGER a safe and awesome product.

During the campaign, there were lots of questions about whether the tips would be adjustable for variable case sizes. We decided in the midst of the campaign to include this feature, so we are now refining that mechanism. It’s going to be great, yet it’s challenging to design tips with a tip mechanism that is also:

1. easy for the user to replace the tips;
2. simple to adjust tip heights to handle different case thicknesses;
3. has some ‘flex’ to keep your devices safe, as you may potentially twist them upon mounting or removal.

This piece is critical as part of the core concept, and as a design element that will carry through to the international versions.

We had campaign contributors from a total of 46 countries. Although the massive US market will be first to get thingCHARGER, interest from around the world is very strong. We are considering a second campaign for international versions as soon as the US product is

Business Development
We are fortunate for the vast interest in thingCHARGER, making us one of the ‘safest’ crowdfunded projects around.

There are two ways to launch this type of product:
• DIY—including design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution etc; or
• License the product.

We’re close to finalizing which route we’ll take. The first gives us more control—but is financially riskier. The second is safer, but we have less control. We are assessing what’s best course of action. I wish we could say more, however we are unable to do so during negotiations. Stay tuned for more news as it comes.

Trust Us, We’re On It
We’ve contributed to other campaigns, and get how puzzling it can be to understand intricacies in how products come to fruition. Please trust that we’re hard at work and hope to make you proud.

We appreciate your patience. Your emails do get read and answered as quickly as possible (remember, we are a small team!) As we grow, so will our response time. THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

Amy, Seymour and the thingCHARGER team.

Hello again!

Yes, the campaign is over, and we have had a short rest… but we are back in the thick of it as the real work to produce thingCHARGER begins.

We are busy with so many things, most importantly implementing the structure needed to put all the parts together to have thingCHARGER produced and in your hands. We’ll keep you updated on all facets of development as so many of you have been asking. It’s all very exciting!

As we move forward here’s the most important thing to understand:

You placed your trust in us to get thingCHARGER off the ground…and we thank you! Producing any product is very complicated which countless actions and hundreds of decisions.

As we make those decisions we will always prioritize:

1. Product Quality: We want the product in your hands to be absolutely delightful;

2. Safety: (you’re going to plug your thingCHARGERs into high voltage electricity after all!)

3: Success over speed, every time.

That third point is really important.

We get emails from contributors all the time, very often asking about speed “When will I get my…”— which is totally understandable.

The thing is, to honor the commitment we’ve made we have to balance many things alongside speed. Here’s a simple example of why:

If we rush critical steps like prototyping, product design, electrical design and certification we could literally jeopardize the whole project. To fulfill all the perks in the campaign we have to have over 30,000 thingCHARGERs made.

One design mistake, and we could wind up with 30,000 unshippable units destined for landfill and no money to start over. (Yikes!)

So we’re working as quickly as we can… but taking all the time we need to get this right for you—and we’re really grateful for your understanding and support as we do that.

Here is where we are now…

Looking After You — Contributor Care:

We have received literally hundreds of emails in the past several months that hadn’t yet been answered—largely because we hadn’t anticipated this amount of volume.

We didn’t have a system in place to handle the vast amount of inquiries received, but we’ve got something in place now and are working to make it run smoothly. Thanks for being so patient with us as we work our way through this growth spurt. If you haven’t already received a reply, check your inbox for a message from our daughter Nina, who is in the process of answering all your questions.

CES & Recent Developments:

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas a couple of  weeks ago, and we were there! Needless to say, we had a very productive week, meeting with many companies and individuals interested in helping move thingCHARGER along. These included various developers, manufacturers, distributors, and media contacts. We now have several irons in the fire, so to speak, but most importantly it gave us the opportunity to explore different proposed improvements to the existing product, as well as optional features.

These include:

    • Improving the internal mechanism to adjust for devices utilizing deeper cases/covers;

    • Some ideas about tips…some being tweaked or phased out as technology in the market evolves;

    • International models;

    • An additional domestic version offering surge protection (by popular demand)

Electronics products can be quite tricky to engineer given their many components, and safety certifications. So the extra time spent on fine-tuning now makes for a better, stronger product later. We want to really get this right!


Prototype(s) are in development now. We’ll probably need to run through 3-4 revs to get it perfect but we’re excited things are underway.


Wow, this part really blew us away! There were several individuals who sought us out during the show who are EXTREMELY ENTHUSIASTIC about thingCHARGER and very eager to help with distribution. We don’t want to let on who they are quite yet, but suffice it to say that we have several fabulous opportunities waiting in the wings, including online retailers, big box stores, on-tv sales, and specialty retailers. We will be in discussions over the next several weeks and we’ll certainly report back with any big news as soon as we get it.

That’s all for now. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts…and stay tuned for more updates.


Seymour, Amy and all of the thingCHARGER team.

Hello Everyone

As you may have seen our Indiegogo campaign for contributions to help launch thingCHARGER finally came to a close in the early hours of Monday morning.

Wow. What an amazing and exhausting 90 days!

Seymour, Nina, Hudson and Amy Segnit
First and foremost thank you for the amazing support you have given us over the past few months. It’s been both thrilling and humbling to have so many regular folks like you put such wind at our backs.

Without you, this truly would not have been possible and so we are beyond grateful.

Even as we get more amazing, expert folks involved to deliver on the trust you have placed in us, thingCHARGER is at it’s core a family with an idea…all working together to make it happen.

Seymour’s older daughter Nina who recently got her business degree from the University of Queensland (yup, Australia) has put other things on hold to join us, which is amazing. Nina is particularly focused on looking after you while we work on getting thingCHARGER into production.

We’re going to keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. We are just normal everyday people and want to show everyone how we go about fulfilling this campaign—from design specs, to manufacturing and any hiccups along the way, in hopes that it can encourage or show any of you that have similar ideas that anything is possible.

As we take a moment to breathe over the next few days, we will put together a more detailed update for you. Doing something like this is staggeringly complex, and we’ll do our best to explain it with as much clarity as possible.

Please expect this timeline and our report back to you on Sunday via Indiegogo Update. (We’ll also post it on our website at, our permanent home now that our initial Indiegogo campaign is complete.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.



Seymour, Amy and all of the thingCHARGER team.

LIVE from the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas!

We are proud to announce a stunning upgrade for thingCHARGER!

TIME SENSITIVE: Watch this video for a critical last minute announcement:

Yup. By huge popular demand we are adding thingCHARGER+ with Surge Protection.

You know you should protect your stuff from power spikes - now we’re building it right into the new thingCHARGER+ with Surge Protection.



Seymour, Amy and all of the thingCHARGER team.