It is happening. And as with most crowdfunded projects – indeed most projects in life – we’ve had a few bumps along the way.

Most of our supporters know they are supporting this project to help get it off the ground (and that bringing a product like this to market is a long and arduous process). However, we also appreciate that some would like to be more involved.

Recently, we have been receiving requests for more regular updates on product development, so here is what we will be doing:

First, there will be monthly updates on our Indiegogo campaign page, and additionally, if there are major or important milestones.

Second, this blog will offer regular updates every week or so.

So, in this first blog post, here’s a little bit about what is currently happening in the thingCHARGER world:

1. We have an awesome 3D prototype and will be able to share updated renderings and physical “prototype” shortly. We are really excited to show you these, so stay tuned for our next update.

2: We’ve tweaked the tip design so the tips are long and slim instead of wide. As a result, they will allow charging with your device in almost any case.

3: We originally had a U.S. manufacturer lined up and ready to go with quotes. As the project developed, however, it became increasingly clear that they didn’t ‘have our back’: their entire focus was on getting checks written (to them!) with zero sense that our project mattered to them at all.

To make thingCHARGER amazing, we need a manufacturing partner that is thrilled to work on the product. After talking to some huge names, we are now finalizing a manufacturing-distribution agreement with an amazing team. These discussions always take much longer than expected, but we’re now days away from a signed agreement. There is such confidence and commitment on both sides that while the lawyers do their thing, we are already working together to get things moving as quickly as possible.

4. We’re getting countless inquiries about a delivery date, and trust us, we cannot wait to have one. Ironically, it was one of our key criteria while searching for a new partner - one reason why it took a while to find. Our priority is to deliver you the highest quality product possible, as fast as possible. We’re currently told that, as we previously said, we’ll be shipping later this year, probably early Q4.

5. As for the future of thingCHARGER: this first U.S. version is currently our top priority. However, we have filed both domestic and foreign patents to protect our designs for future versions.

Although we are a little further behind than we initially planned, we are definitely making progress. Even though we say it every time, we cannot thank you enough for your incredible and ongoing support; we really appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on bringing this invention to life.

Amy, Seymour and the thingCHARGER team.