thingCHARGER® for Android™ Edition with DOUBLE-the-POWER™: Choose 4 get 5 FREE

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thingCHARGER for Android Edition with
DOUBLE-the-POWER™ : Nine-pack!

Each unit has the gorgeous glossy white design. Beautiful in your hand; almost invisible in your home as each matches the outlet it covers.

In the Box:

  • thingCHARGERs for Android Edition with DOUBLE-the-POWER
  • 18 Adapter-Tips ($179.10 purchased separately)
9 Micro-USB


thingCHARGERs with DOUBLE-the-POWER are our most popular models, for good reason.

These units feature not one, but two ultra-fast 2.1amp USB circuits. One circuit is fully dedicated to the tip on top - so you'll always get full-speed charging on top even when you plug other things into the USB outlets underneath.

You're going to love your thingCHARGERs!

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