Seymour recently visited the manufacturer to see the second thingCHARGER model. The model is a success and the team made the decision to move forward to manufacturing. Manufacturing & shipping timetable Important Note: Tooling, Certification and Manufacturing are inherently complex and unpredictable. What follows is a realistic timetable that with good fortune may shorten by a few weeks and with certain (now unlikely) circumstances could extend by several months. We listen to and consider all the ideas from our supporters. The most important of these, and its been a critical improvement, is the adjustable tips. This massive improvement has significantly increased the time to production; but we are on track and have a fully realistic to timetable for fulfillment. The tooling process - where we create the mold and manufacturing tools for production - is now authorized and underway. Around about Thanksgiving we expect T-1 - the first iteration of the tool, not yet completed, but sufficiently refined to produce the first sample thingCHARGERs off the line. There is a small chance that T1 will produce samples sufficiently refined that they can be submitted for UL certification. More usually the final finished tool is required - we expect that at the end of the year. UL testing will take approximately 10 - 12 weeks. We should confirm UL certification by mid-late March. After UL Certification, we anticipate production late March and shipping beginning in April.