Time for another update on thingCHARGER! Since so many of you liked the last video, I thought I’d post another, while giving you a bit more detail in the description below…
As you’ll see, this update is focused on three things:
  • thingCHARGER the product - new model expected in a few days; patent issues advancing to create an exceptional product unlike any other, etc. (:38)
  • thingCHARGER the company - preparing to create new U.S.  and international versions of thingCHARGER while first fulfilling commitment to our early supporters; how we’ll fund these new versions to meet the incredible demand by consumers and major retailers. (:55)
  • a related project to give back to our supporters (especially valuable to  those who might want to bring their own products to market, earn money for a new roof for their church or even help pay for them to get to Rio in a couple years as part of the US Olympic cycling team! (4:21)
Please watch the video for more details and then remember to keep coming back for more updates as we work extremely hard to bring thingCHARGER to market!