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And the Press Went Wild

thingCHARGER is a simple, elegant new way to charge all your things. Just plug it into any outlet and you'll have a neat charging station — free of ugly wires.

Charge All Your Things At Once

Charge any phone, any tablet, any reader from any brand.

Plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together and charge all your things at once.

Watch the video above, and fall in love again.

Quick Facts

Patent Pending Design  featuring:

USB power
The worldwide device charging standard.

Charge Anything
Charge anything USB. Smartphone, Tablet, Reader... Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Sony, Kindle... anything.

Interchangable Tips – Store in the Back
Tips swap in seconds so they're never lost, always ready to charge any device, from any brand.

Wire-less Charging
Unlike the 'wireless' chargers, see below...

'Invisible' Design
'Disappears' into the wall outlet.

Keeps Outlets Free to Use
Full power from both outlets.

Frees up Desk and Counter Space
And saves from coffee spills.

2 Regular USB outlets
Hiding underneath, just in case.

Plug 2 or 3 Together – Charge All Your Things At Once
Plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together to make a compact charging station.

Green by Design
Uses no power when not in use.

Highly Recyclable
Green from the start. And at the end.

Astonishing Referral Program
Green from the start. And at the end.

Will it Charge All My Things?

Yes. Oh Yes. Charges everything USB.

thingCHARGER ships with Micro & Mini-USB and the Apple 30-pin. Lightning is an optional extra.

(There's an exhausting, if not exhaustive, list of devices we'll charge at the foot of this page).

If you have a USB device, thingCHARGER will charge it.

These days there's only a handful of connectors needed to cover just about every smartphone, tablet and reader on the market.

The Secret is in the Tips

thingCHARGER will ship with Apple 30-pin, Micro-USB and Mini-USB tips with Apple Lightning as a $9 optional extra. If you have different devices which use different tips you can either just switch tips in seconds (they store neatly in the back) or plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together to charge several different devices at once.

There's over a billion (yes, one billion) devices on the planet that can charge with thingCHARGER. (At the foot of this page we have a rather long list of just some of the models.)

Charge All Your Things At Once

Lightning Tips $9 Optional Extra
If you choose to support us and want to charge any of the newer Apple devices please add $9 to your contribution for each Lightning Tip you'd like.
(We hate charging extra for Lighting, but we have to — see below).

Unique "Perfect" Design

Sir Jony Ive

We couldn't agree more. Let's be honest. There are countless powerstrips out there, and even more chargers. A few even have interesting designs. But something cool surrounded by a mess of wires doesn't look cool. It just looks messy.

With thingCHARGER, we wanted to create a design that looks great when in use, not just when you take it out of the box. A design so utterly simple, so essential, that although it is completely new, it feels utterly familiar — as though you've used and loved it all your life.

thingCHARGER's unique design makes life just a little simpler. A bit less cluttered, a touch more organized. It's not the only charger you'll ever need. But it is hands-down the best-designed you'll ever own.

thingCHARGER in the Hallway

Sometimes an oddly-placed outlet is the perfect spot for thingCHARGER.

Love Great Design?
What about Un-Design?

One last design point. Most objects (whether or not you like their design) occupy 'visual space', meaning they introduce something where previously there wasn't anything. You had an empty table, then you placed a lamp on it. Gorgeous or ghastly, the lamp replaces 'space' with 'lamp' in your visual field.

thingCHARGER's design is extremely rare in that it looks the same as the item it 'replaces' in the visual field. So when you plug it into the wall outlet it is essentially invisible when viewed from the front and its slim profile means its visual impact is negligible from all other angles.

thingCHARGERis almost invisible

thingCHARGER can be almost invisible.


Charge all your things at once.

Plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together, and charge all your things at once.

How to Charge Your Device

1:   Place your device gently on top of thingCHARGER

2:   Touch the ON button.

3:   Notice how simple and uncluttered this part of your life now feels.

How Does thingCHARGER Compare?

(More fun with so-called 'wireless' chargers further down the page!)

Charge all your things at once.

Other chargers use power when they are not in use. thingCHARGER has a simple switch with an LED
so you know when charging is on. Just touch to turn it off as you grab your thing and go.

True Wire-less Charging

Some folks are all excited about the idea of wireless charging. Without getting too technical, its fair to say that charging things through thin air is an idea whose day has yet to come.

You see today's 'wireless' chargers have a fatal flaw: wires. And getting set up is expensive. After shelling out for the charger, you still need to buy a separate, proprietary charging case or attachment for each and every device you own. Then, in use, they take up counter space, and leave you looking at ugly wires.

thingCHARGER charges any device without any wires. Isn't that really what you want from wireless charging?

thingCHARGER: the only true wireless charger.

So-called 'wireless' chargers have a fatal flaw. Wires. 

How Does it Work?

Very simply. Just plug thingCHARGER into any wall outlet. The regular outlets on the front are live whenever your wall outlet is.

The USB outlets (on the underside, so hidden when not in use) and the device-tip on the top are live whenever thingCHARGER is switched on.

OK, How Does it Work Inside?

Truth be told, this isn't rocket science. Going from mains AC voltage down to the 5 volts DC needed for USB charging is a 'commodity' in the manufacturing world, involving nothing more than a standard transformer with some control electronics on a little circuit board. Our specialist manufacturer has shipped hundreds of millions of these.

It's the outside of thingCHARGER — its elegant industrial design — that took all the hard work. It's the reason, we believe, that anyone who's seen a thingCHARGER is so enthusiastic.

Where We Are Now

Ready to go.

We have completed the industrial design - and spent months testing (and more importantly using) prototypes and refining thingCHARGER from great to delightful.

Our specialist American production partner - a highly experienced power supply engineering and manufacturing company — is ready to complete the final production design and guide thingCHARGER through UL certification, before tooling up at the factory and getting your pack of thingCHARGERs shipped as soon as possible.

Reactions to thingCHARGER

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Dr Warren Licht Testimonial

Amy & Randy Hornman Testimonial


One for the bedroom

Installation Instructions
(Please allow up to 4.5 Seconds)

1:   Choose the tip you need for your device and
       pop it in the top of thingCHARGER (2 seconds)

2:   Store the unused tip neatly in the back (1 second).

3:   Plug thingCHARGER into a suitable outlet (1.5 seconds).

Future Plans: International Awaits

Within 24 hours of publishing our Facebook page we had countless requests from around the world asking for thingCHARGER to fit outlets in different countries.

Electrical outlets vary widely around the world, but the good news is that the core design benefits of thingCHARGER apply anywhere — plug it in the wall, put your thing on top, plug in more than one, USBs underneath. The overall shape will differ to match the shape of the local wall outlets, but the principles remain the same. The electronics and tips will be exactly the same and the packaging almost identical.

As soon as we have the US design shipping we plan to develop thingCHARGER for the UK, Europe and other markets.


The Story:
How thingCHARGER Came About

Charge All Your Things At Once

Plug 2 or 3 together and
charge all your things at once

thingCHARGER's story starts with a classic: the unwanted spousal Christmas gift.

For Christmas 2012, Amy gave Seymour one of those solar-chargers with lots of connectors for different devices. It was a very thoughtful and much appreciated gift, but after playing with it for a week Seymour (guiltily) concluded that his loving wife's thoughtful gift was likely to spend its life on the shelf. It went to eBay. But the bug to find a neat way of charging everything was born.

Over the next few weeks Seymour bought an array of different charging solutions to 'set up' the household to handle all their devices and those of any visitors.

He installed an in-wall outlet with built-in USB (needs an electrician and maybe a carpenter or mason if your wall outlet boxes aren't big enough).

He tried all kinds of rechargable packs and wires with multiple tips. Many were junk - all were messy.

Then one day fooling around with an 'award winning' design that wobbled, had messy wires and a host of other flaws, it dawned on him that a simple box which allowed a device to stand on top would solve all the problems...

Amy agreed: "Most of your ideas are pretty dumb" she said lovingly, "but we should work on this one."

So after boring everyone to tears just talking about it for a few days Seymour disappeared into the basement one evening and emerged a while later speckled with white plastic dust, fingers partially bonded by adhesive… but with the first, very basic thingCHARGER prototype. The vision was born...

The All-Time #1 Crowdfunded Mobile Accessory

In October 2013 we launched a campaign on Indiegogo requesting contributions to get the vision off the ground and thingCHARGER quickly became one of the most successful campaigns of all time.

Because pre-orders cannot be taken until shortly before a product is ready to ship, but interest in thingCHARGER remains incredibly high, we decided to continue accepting contributions on our own site until shipping dates are finalized.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Many crowd-funded campaigns have encountered problems taking their prototypes to production. We take this extremely seriously.

From the start we knew our core team strength lay in the developing and refining the design of thingCHARGER and honing it until it is now near-perfect. We're also pretty good at communicating its benefits. But things like factory quality control, negotiating with component fabricators on all corners of the globe and supply chain logistics are really hard even for folks who do it all the time... and insanity for anyone else. So…

How Will thingCHARGER Get Made?

We've partnered with an amazing American company headquartered just an hour away from our base in New York and with offices in the UK, France, Germany and China.

For two decades they have specialized in power supplies — transformers that convert electricity from one voltage to another — and delivered over a hundred million of them to many of the world's top tech brands. They have a team of 30 engineers working right here in America perfecting power supply design. So prototype design, testing, process development, management and electrical spec are all done right here in the US. And they wholely own and manage the factory to retain complete control over manufacturing.

Their operation is certified by countless international safety agencies including UL, CSA, NEMKO, DEMKO, TUV, VDE, PSE, Korea as well as CCC to Medical, Information Technology Equipment and other specifications.

Watch the AWESOME bit in the video where the tips swap out then store in the back... and more:

Why ask $9 Extra for the Lightning Tip ?

Charge All Your Things At Once

Each Lightning Tip must contain an
Apple-supplied chip & meet very specific production requirements

We really wish didn't have to.

The challenge is that when Apple switched to the new Lightning connector they didn't just change the external design, they added in a special chip.

Some factories are producing cheap Lightning connectors by 'reverse-engineering' Apple's chip, but already reports are coming in that these connectors are made obsolete as Apple upgrades iOS to thwart the conterfeiters.

Because not everyone needs Lightning and it adds significant production cost, we decided to make it an optional extra and keep costs down.


Two USB Outlets Underneath
(Just in case...)

all about getting rid of usb wires everywhere, but we know there are times when you may just have to plug something in.

So, as long as you promise to only use them occasionally, we've included 2 USB outlets underneath... hidden from view.

2 USB Outlets Underneath

What's the money for?

If you've never brought a product to market, you can't imagine how the costs pile up.

At thingCHARGER we are working tight and lean keeping expenses incredibly low — yet still there are some significant costs that can't be avoided. Here are the primary ones:

  • Electrical Design Completion
  • Final Prototyping
  • UL Certification
  • Production Tooling
  • Initial minimum production run
  • Patent & Trademark protection
  • QA
  • Shipping
thingCHARGER at the hotel reception

We think the kitchen is the perfect spot. Even under cabinets there's
usually plenty of room for phones, readers & iPods.

How safe is thingCHARGER?

thingCHARGER to be UL Cdertified

thingCHARGER will be UL Certified.

thingCHARGER will be 'UL Certified' — the gold standard of electrical equipment safety.

UL certification is slow and expensive, but we think nothing is more important than delivering a product that puts safety first.

When to Expect Delivery

We expect delivery to begin sometime mid-late 2014.

Why so long? Even for a product as seemingly simple as thingCHARGER there's a series of critical steps which in some cases should not be rushed and in others simply cannot be.

For example:

UL certification (see above) is critical to delivering a world-class product. The trouble is you can't submit a product for certification until every minute detail of the electrical design is complete, which itself requires time and care.

Once we submit to UL it can vary hugely in the time it takes, and you can't tool up the factory until UL is in place, because you'd have to re-tool if UL required modifications.

Please trust that we'll do everything we can to speed the process – and keep you updated as we go.

Risks & Challenges

Any new project carries significant risks.

Having said that we've worked hard to minimize the risks and anticipate the challenges.

The greatest risk, truthfully, is the greatest risk for any new venture: shortage of funds.

thingCHARGER will move ahead regardless of how much we raise with this campaign. Nonetheless, a highly successful campaign will allow us to:

  • Commence final design sooner
  • Gain traction ahead of the competition

The bottom line is that if you like what we're doing and can afford to support us, the best way to help us minimize the risk is to support thingCHARGER .

In conclusion...

Thanks for looking.

If you love thingCHARGER, or just love to see the entrepreneurial spirit thrive, please help us get this amazing project off the ground.

Every $1 helps, and telling people helps too.

Thank you for checking out thingCHARGER. The awesome new charger for all your things.

Need We Say More?

Need we say more?




You're still reading?

OK here's the Provisional Technical Specifications and both the Country and Device Compatibility Guides.

Provisional Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Country Compatibility Guide

thingCHARGER™ will work in many other countries in addition to the USA. It handles inputs from 108 to 252 volts AC — which covers pretty much every country in the world.

However, it must be used with a secure twin wall outlet of the kind shown above.

All the countries below use this type of outlet in one form or another. thingCHARGER will work when the two outlets are vertically aligned as shown with 38mm/1.5in distance between the tops of the two outlets.

Device Compatibility Guide.

If it is USB device you can charge it with thingCHARGER™.

thingcharger loves everyone

Here's a list of just some of the things your thingCHARGERs will charge.
(Hint: All your things are in here somewhere...)

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPod nano 7th gen, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad 4th gen, iPad mini, iPhone 1st Gen, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Classic, iPod iTouch, iPod iTouch V2, iPod iTouch V4, iPod Mini, iPod Nano 1st gen, iPod Nano 2nd gen, iPod Nano 3rd gen, iPod Nano 4th gen, iPod Nano 5th gen, iPod Nano 6th gen, iPod Nano Video, iPod Photo, iPod Touch, iPod U2, iPod Video, Acer Liquid Stream, Amazon Kindle 2, Amazon Kindle DX, AT&T E220, BlackBerry 8220 Kickstart, BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip, BlackBerry 8520 Curve, BlackBerry 8900 Curve Javelin, BlackBerry 8900 Curve, BlackBerry 8900 Javelin, BlackBerry 9300 Curve, BlackBerry 9500 Storm, BlackBerry 9500 Thunder, BlackBerry 9520 Storm, BlackBerry 9530 Storm, BlackBerry 9630 Tour, BlackBerry 9700 Bold, BlackBerry 9800 Torch, BlackBerry Apollo, BlackBerry Blackberry 8220, BlackBerry Blackberry 8900, BlackBerry Blackberry Storm, BlackBerry Bold 9780, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330, BlackBerry Curve 8520, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Curve 9220, BlackBerry Curve 9300, BlackBerry Curve 9350, BlackBerry Curve 9360, BlackBerry Curve 9370, BlackBerry Curve 9380, BlackBerry Dakota, BlackBerry Javelin 8900, BlackBerry Kickstart 8220, BlackBerry Monaco, BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 Series, BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981, BlackBerry Storm 3, BlackBerry Storm 9530, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Style 9670, BlackBerry Torch 2, BlackBerry Torch 9800, BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9850, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Tour 9630, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC ChaCha, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire, HTC Desire, HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC EVO Design 4G, HTC EVO View 4G, HTC Explorer, HTC Flyer, HTC Freestyle, HTC Google Nexus One, HTC Gratia, HTC HD mini, HTC HD2, HTC HD2, HTC HD7, HTC HD7S, HTC Hero S, HTC Incredible S, HTC Mozart, HTC Nexus One, HTC One S, HTC One S, HTC One X, HTC One X, HTC Radar, HTC Rezound, HTC Rhyme, HTC Salsa, HTC Sensation 4G, HTC Sensation XE, HTC Sensation XL, HTC Sensation, HTC Status, HTC Surround, HTC Titan II, HTC Titan, HTC Trophy, HTC Trophy, HTC Vivid, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Wildfire, Huawei G6600, Huawei U8230, Jabra BT2070, Jabra BT4010, Jabra BT530, Jabra BT8040, Jabra JX20, Kyocera E2000 Tempo, Kyocera Mako S4000, Kyocera Neo E1100, Kyocera S4000 Mako, Kyocera Tempo E2000, Kyocera TNT S2400, Kyocera Tomo S2410, LG 280 Wine, LG 9700 Dare, LG A200, LG A290, LG A340, LG Apex, LG AX155, LG AX300, LG AX830 Glimmer, LG AX830, LG Banter AX265, LG Banter UX265, LG Beacon, LG BL 40 New Chocolate, LG BL20 New Chocolate, LG C100, LG C305, LG C330, LG C710, LG CF360, LG Chocolate 3 VX8560, LG Connect 4G, LG Cookie 3G, LG Cookie Lite, LG Cosmos 2, LG Cosmos Touch, LG CP150, LG Dare 9700, LG Doubleplay, LG E300, LG E900h, LG Eclypse, LG EGO Wi-Fi, LG Encore, LG Enlighten, LG EnV Touch VX11000, LG enV2 VX9100, LG enV2, LG enV3 VX9200, LG Envoy, LG Esteem, LG Extravert, LG GD510 Pop, LG GD510, LG GD880 Mini, LG GD900 Crystal, LG Gelato NFC, LG Genesis, LG Glance VX7100, LG Glimmer UX830, LG GM730, LG GM750, LG GT400, LG GT505, LG GT540, LG GW300 Etna 2, LG GW520, LG GW620 EVE, LG GW990, LG Incite CT810, LG Jil Sander Mobile, LG KEYBO 9100, LG KF300, LG KF757 Secret, LG KM570 Cookie Live, LG LG830 Spyder, LG Lotus LX600, LG Lucid, LG LX400 Blue, LG LX400 Burgundy, LG LX600 Lotus, LG Marquee, LG Neon II, LG Nitro HD, LG Octane, LG Optimus 2X, LG Optimus 2X, LG Optimus 3D MAX, LG Optimus 3D, LG Optimus 4X HD, LG Optimus 7, LG Optimus 7Q, LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus Chic, LG Optimus Elite, LG Optimus Hub, LG Optimus L3, LG Optimus L5, LG Optimus L7, LG Optimus Link, LG Optimus M+, LG Optimus M, LG Optimus Me P350, LG Optimus Net, LG Optimus One, LG Optimus Pad LTE, LG Optimus Pro, LG Optimus S, LG Optimus Slider, LG Optimus Sol, LG Optimus T, LG Optimus True HD LTE, LG Optimus Vu, LG P520, LG Phoenix, LG Prada 3.0, LG Prime, LG Quantum, LG Reveal LG600, LG Revolution, LG Rhythm AX585, LG Rumor Reflex, LG Rumor2 LX265, LG S367, LG Saber, LG Slyde M540, LG Spectrum, LG Swift AX500, LG T-Mobile G2x, LG T-Mobile myTouch Q, LG T315i, LG T385 Wi-Fi, LG T500, LG T565, LG Thrill 4G, LG Thrive, LG Town C300, LG Tritan UX840, LG UX300, LG UX585, LG UX830, LG Vantage 830, LG Versa VX9600, LG Viper 4G LTE, LG Vortex, LG VX5500, LG VX8360, LG VX8560 Chocolate 3, LG VX8610 Decoy, LG VX9100 enV2, LG VX9700 Dare, LG Wine 280, LG X330, LG Xenon GR500, LG Xpression C395, Motorola Admiral, Motorola Adventure V750, Motorola ATRIX 2, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Atrix, Motorola AURA, Motorola Blackflip, Motorola Bravo, Motorola Charm, Motorola Citrus, Motorola Cliq 2, Motorola DEFY MINI, Motorola Defy Plus, Motorola Defy, Motorola Defy, Motorola Droid 2, Motorola DROID 4, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid Pro, Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, Motorola Droid Razr, Motorola Droid X, Motorola E8 OKR, Motorola EM30, Motorola ES400, Motorola Evoke QA4, Motorola EX119, Motorola EX124G, Motorola FIRE, Motorola Flipout, Motorola Flipside, Motorola GLEAM +, Motorola Gleam, Motorola Grasp, Motorola H15, Motorola H560, Motorola H620, Motorola H680, Motorola H681, Motorola H690, Motorola H710, Motorola H715, Motorola H721, Motorola H780, Motorola H800, Motorola Hint QA30, Motorola i576, Motorola i776, Motorola i867, Motorola i940, Motorola karma QA1, Motorola Krave ZN4, Motorola MB220 DEXT, Motorola Milestone 2, Motorola MILESTONE 3, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Milestone, Motorola MOTO Q9h, Motorola MOTO Qglobal, Motorola MOTOKEY SOCIAL, Motorola MOTOKEY XT, Motorola Motoluxe, Motorola MOTOLUXE, Motorola MOTOZINE, Motorola PRO +, Motorola PURE H12, Motorola Q Q9, Motorola Q11, Motorola Q9h, Motorola QUENCH, Motorola Rapture VU30, Motorola RAZR MAXX, Motorola RAZR VE20, Motorola RAZR, Motorola RAZR, Motorola RAZR2 V8 Dark Pearl Gray, Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition, Motorola RAZR2 V8, Motorola RAZR2 V9 Mahogany, 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Lumia 610 NFC, Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia N8, Nokia N85, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia N86, Nokia N9, Nokia N900, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N97, Nokia X6, Orange San Francisco, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre, Palm Treo 800, Palm Treo 800w, Palm Treo Pro, Peek Peek mobile E-mail device, Plantronics Discovery 925, Plantronics Explorer 220-Black, Plantronics Explorer 220-Silver, Plantronics Explorer 220, Plantronics Explorer 230, Plantronics Explorer 360, Plantronics Explorer 370 Ruggedized, Plantronics Explorer 370, Plantronics Voyager 815, Plantronics Voyager 835, Plantronics Voyager 855, Plantronics Voyager 885, Plantronics Voyager PRO, Powermat iPhone 3G receiver, Powermat iPhone 3GS receiver, Powermat iPhone 4 receiver, Powermat iPod touch receiver, Samsung 4G LTE, Samsung Admire, Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT, Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT, Samsung B3310, Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO, Samsung B7300 Omnia LITE, Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO, Samsung 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