What are thingPOINTs?

thingPOINTs are rewards points. We give them to you if you share about thingCHARGER and folks then contribute to our campaign as a result.

How Many Do I Get?

For every new contributor you refer to our campaign you will receive 200 thingPOINTs!

What can I get with thingPOINTs?

Almost anything!

Refer a few people and you can get FREE upgrades and accessories for your thingCHARGERs.

Refer lots of people and you can convert your points to cash and get anything you want! Each thingPOINT is worth about the same as an airline mile.

Surge Protection          150 thingPOINTs

Double Power               300 thingPOINTs

Lightning Tips               450 thingPOINTs

thingCHARGER            600 thingPOINTs

Airline Miles

Cash                  2.5c

How are thingPOINTs calculated?

Every time you share and someone contributes to the campaign, you will receive 200 thingPOINTs. We will keep a running tally of your thingPOINTs for you to keep an eye on. There will even be a Leaderboard which will highlight our top sharers who will earn even more prizes!

How do I cash in my thingPOINTs?

A few weeks before we’re ready ship to you, you will receive an email to complete a short survey finalizing the perks you want in return for your contribution(s).

Your thingPOINTs will be shown alongside your US$ contribution(s)

for easy conversion into upgrades, free thingCHARGERs, Airline Miles, and more!

Where will I find how many thingPOINTs I have?

Your thingPOINTs will be tracked daily and updated for your review. You can find your most recent update _______. Additionally, you will be notified via email every time someone contributes.

What if I don’t want to be updated via email?

When you get your first email, simply click the “no more updates” link to discontinue the referral updates. Do not unsubscribe completely or we will not be able to email you to confirm your perks and shipping details and you wont receive anything.

If I contribute to the campaign, do I have any thingPOINTs to get started?

I’m glad you asked! Because we are so passionate about you receiving these upgrades for free, you’ll get 75 thingPOINTs just for joining our campaign.

What is the thingPOINTs leaderboard and where can I find it?

The thingPOINTs Leaderboard can be easily found by __________.

Do I get any thingPOINTs bonuses if I contributed to the first campaign?

Of course. At thingCHARGER, we are so thankful to our initial supporters that we decided to go over the top on this one! As a contributor you will receive DOUBLE the thingPOINTs for each referral. That means, each referral is worth 400 points!  I actually told Seymour he was crazy for doing this, but the guy loves you.

Can I get thingPOINTs if I contributed directly to the thingCHARGER website?

Of course you can, simply _________

Can I transfer my thingPOINTs to someone else?

We love crowdfunding so much and we truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. With that in mind, we have constructed thingPOINTs to be transferable, so you can share the love.

How do I transfer my thingPOINTs?

Details, details… Yes, we have thought of this too. To transfer your thingPOINTs simply __________

How do I make sure my referral’s actually cause me to receive thingPOINTs?

At thingCHARGER we are passionate about following through on our promises. In order for you to ensure that you are receiving your thingPOINTs, you can _________