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My package has not arrived and my tracking information is not current. Please help?
We are so sorry for the inconvenience and are doing everything possible to move your package as quickly as we can. thingCHARGER is in the same position as most companies this final week before Christmas; shipping is slowed due to high volume. Please remember, like all companies we have no control over your items once they are in the hands of the shippers. However, we are happy to help you personally as soon as possible and will do whatever it takes to ensure you a are ultimately delighted with your thingCHARGERs.

Additionally, we have created a Holiday Card for you to give to your friends and family in anticipation of their thingCHARGER gifts if they do not arrive by Christmas.

Shipping Details:

We are delivering by Smart Post which is collaboration between Fed Ex and USPS. FedEx delivers your thingCHARGERs to USPS who then delivers to you. Expedited services are delivered 100% via FedEx Home Delivery.

Your tracking number may show both FedEx and USPS information.

Smart Post has informed us that due to high holiday volume, they are behind on updating the tracking information in their system, which is why your tracking information may not appear to show current tracking information.

I heard there was a Holiday Card. How do I get this?
As you will see, this card is meant to be something special to let your gift recipient see what a cool, new gadget you have gotten to save them from the cluttered cords of all their other cool gadgets! Just print, and fold! (Remember, all printers will format a bit differently-so feel free to flip the pages as you like. There is space to write a personal note as well.

On the back is a web link to a Holiday Gift page with a link to a video that Seymour recorded for your gift recipient reviewing the amazing gift you are giving


Plus he recorded another video-just to you — to say THANK YOU! You can see that here:

Thank you so much for choosing thingCHARGER! We know your gift choice will be a HUGE success and a delight to everyone.

I have purchased a thingCHARGER from your website but I have not received it. Why?
We truly THANK YOU for your enthusiasm for thingCHARGER.

thingCHARGER is still a crowdfunding campaign and we are proud to say we began shipping our beautiful product in September and continue to ship as quickly as we can. If you just placed your contribution you can expect to receive your thingCHARGERs in January 2016.

We are finding that some folks did not realize this when placing their contribution for their perk package, and we apologize. If you ordered as a gift and you are unwilling to wait until January we are happy to process a refund for you.

If you would like to remain with the campaign and get your amazing product in January, we are happy to offer you a special contributor bonus! Simply email us again and say that you would like the “New Upgrade” and we will add it to your order and get back to you personally early next week.

1) We would love to offer you a FREE $10.00 Bonus Gift in your “cart” to spend on upgrades, extra tips, or any way you’d like. We are truly sorry. You will get this gift at your “Final Checkout” which happens just before we ship to you.

2) Give you a Free USB C tip which we will be releasing SOON! This tip looks to become a new standard for many platforms—Apple, Nokia, and others. And as soon as we release that, we will invite you to get yours FREE!

3) To help with the gift-giving season, Seymour’s wife, Amy, has made a beautiful Gift Note that I am attaching for you. This will give you something special to tell all about the amazing thingCHARGER that is on its way. There is also a link to a personal Holiday video from Seymour thanking you and reviewing the gift that is coming. We wish we could have gotten your thingCHARGERs to you sooner, and we won’t stop our frenzied work pace until we do get them to you-truly as fast as we can.

As you will see, this card is meant to be something special to let your gift recipient see what a cool, new “techy gadget” you have gotten to save them from the cluttered cords of all their other cool techy gadgets! Just print, fold-and delight! (Remember, all printers will format a bit differently-so feel free to flip the pages as you like!) Plus-we left you plenty of white spaces on there to write personal notes.

And on the back of that card is the link to that Holiday Greeting from Seymour. You will like what you see there.

The link is giftCHARGER.com.

And Seymour recorded a special video just to you to say THANK YOU! You can see that here:

You can download your Holiday Card at http://www.thingcharger.com/gift/

In case you are unfamiliar with crowdfunding, it is a new type of start-up platform where inventors launch a new product and interact in special ways with supporters. The “crowd” helps “fund” this start-up and gets Special Deals in return as thanks from the company. That is the reason that we charge your card now. We have a wonderful supporter base — they are like family here at thingCHARGER.

We are shipping now to our earliest supporters, and we expect to ship to you in the New Year. A perfect way to kick off 2016! We will ship sooner if we can — we keep working on ways to get faster each day. And only those of you who joined NOW are getting the special deals. This is our way of thanking you for jumping on board to help us finish up this amazing project. We will also have some special deals for you when we are ready to ship to you.

Of course, if this presents a problem for you please let us know and we will process your refund as soon as possible. The funds will be refunded when we return early next week.

I don’t have all the tips I should have received? How do I purchase additional tips now?
We currently have three tip options:

Each thingCHARGER ships with a micro USB tip standard. This is packaged inside the back of your thingCHARGER.
We have Lightning Tips to charge the newer Apple devices. The Lightning Tips will be shipped in envelopes and you may have a 3-pack envelope if you selected the multi-pack Perk Packages such as the 3+1 or 5+2.

We have the 30 pin tips for older Apple devices as well.

Here is a review of what tips ship with each Perk Package:

If you selected your thingCHARGERs on www.thingCHARGER.com:

1 thingCHARGER Perk Package: will ship with a micro USB tip and one Lightning Tip.

3+1 thingCHARGER Perk Package: will ship with 4 micro USB tips and 3 Lightning Tips. The bonus charger does not ship with a free Lightning Tip.

5+2 thingCHARGER Perk Package: will ship with 7 micro USB tips and 5 Lightning Tips. The Bonus chargers do not ship with a free Lightning Tip.

If you selected your thingCHARGERs off of Indiegogo you will receive one micro USB tip with each thingCHARGER you selected. Other tips are available for additional fees. This is due to the lower cost of the Perk Packages on Indiegogo.

If you didn’t get all the tips you need to charge your Apple devices, we do have a few ways to add these on after Final Checkout.

We have a “tip store” where we make these available to you at a discount. You can find our tip store at:

where you may purchase additional tips at a discount.

Another option, which will actually be the most cost-saving for you, is to register your tips separately on thingSTART.com

Why did you send me this Final Checkout Email? Do I need to complete that before you ship to me?
YES! Please complete that information so that we can ship to you.

The information that you will complete in your Final Checkout goes straight to our distribution warehouse in Las Vegas, and tells the staff there just what to pack up for you before they send your package on its way.

If you do not want to add any upgrades (for example to Surge protection), select the button on that option that says “No, Thank You.” After that you can just confirm your shipping address, and we can get your delivery going.

Also, it may take longer for the tracking information from FedEx to reach you. We are so sorry about that.

I’m in the UK-what is the timeline for shipping?
If you are looking for our website in the UK-
Here is a link to check it out:

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign in the UK and we are currently in development now.

We are expecting to be able to ship these out in autumn of 2016. If you did not realize this, we will reach out to you to see how we can quickly make this right with you.

My credit card won’t go through…
It may be that you attempted to use your credit card processing system (Stripe) at a time with extremely high volumes.

The Stripe system has reported to their vendors (like us) that due to high activity, some of the people who attempt to use the system may not be able to complete their transaction attempts.

We do apologize for that frustration and we hope that you have more success when you next try.

How do I use the thingSTART.com registration page?
We are happy to offer some incentives for you to take the extra time to register your thingCHARGERs.

We do have one tip offered per person registering.

We include a registration per thingCHARGER in the case of using these as gifts, for example. That allows each recipient of a thingCHARGER to register for their free tip, chance of winning the prizes, and most importantly for their lifetime warranty of thingCHARGER.

Why won’t my tips work or fit properly?
Our tips are made from the highest quality silicone and have been through rigorous testing. We think with a little problem-solving we can get this worked out for you.

First of all, we recommend that you use the button on the back of the thingCHARGER unit to adjust the height of the tips. This will most likely resolve the issue.

Pressing firmly, adjust the height until the tip fits inside your device and rests safely on the thingCHARGER. Each device will require a different tip adjustment. Once this is done, the charging icon should now appear on your device.

Our tips are also reversible, so you can alter which way they face to take advantage of the different adjustment levels of the “teeth” on either side of the tip to best fit your device. The teeth are different on each side of the tip.

I just received my chargers and noticed that my outlets are horizontal, upside down, or GFI outlets. What do I do?
thingCHARGER is currently developed for the US upright, double outlet style - but we hope to be able to expand to other versions in the near future.

The good news is that many of the elements of this first version (the electronics, the tips, etc) will be identical for other versions, so they will be much quicker to develop when the time comes.

GFI outlets (frequently have the red and black “reset” buttons built into them) are not standard sized outlets so we often don’t fit into a GFI outlet.