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Unplug your messy old chargers...

Introducing thingCHARGER for Android™ Edition with DOUBLE-the-POWER™...

The awesome new charger for all your things.

for Android Edition

With DOUBLE-the-POWER™...

Charge any Android

Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Kindle Fire, Blackberry...

Tips store neatly in the back.

Neatly stored, never lost. Always ready to charge any phone, tablet or reader.

What lies beneath?

2 USB outlets, with a dedicated circuit.

You’ll love life without the messy wires. And plugging in below never slows the charge on top.

Charge all your things at once.

The outlets on the front exactly match the prongs on the back, so you can stack 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together for a super- convenient charging station.

Remember with DOUBLE-the-POWER™ each tip has its own dedicated fast-charging circuit.

“I can't wait”

"I always seem to have 3 or 4 things that need USB power. So I’m getting a bunch of thingCHARGERs for my office, my home and my well-worn suitcase. I can't wait."

Victoria Pitts-Taylor—
Researcher/Sociology Professor

“NUTS for this…”

“My wife is nuts for this design. She’s really into clean aesthetics at home and clearing clutter, so thingCHARGERs really hit the spot.”

Doug Gray—

Former World Super-Welterweight Boxing Champion & Personal Trainer

"Fantastic Product"

My kitchen counter was all cluttered up with wires and devices. Now we’ll be all clear and safe from spills and reaching little hands.

Nina Haase–
Occupational Therapist, Mother of 3

"Quite possibly one of the best things ever"

Green by design

All chargers use some power when they are not in use.

But thingCHARGERs use extraordinary new circuitry to all but eliminate this 'vampire' current.

Even with DOUBLE-the-POWER™ your thingCHARGERs consume less than 10 cents of electricity/year on standby.

The thingCHARGER Story

One day, while fooling around with an 'award winning' charger that wobbled, had messy wires and a host of other flaws, it dawned on Seymour that a simple box which allowed a device to stand on top and charge would solve all the problems…

Amy agreed: "Most of your ideas are pretty dumb" she said lovingly, "but this is great! Go to the basement and don't come out until you've built a prototype."

And so the vision was born!

thingCHARGER has gone on to be the most successful crowdfunded mobile accessory of all time.

Now for the first time we are releasing thingCHARGER for Android Edition with DOUBLE-the-POWER™. Fast charging for all your Android Devices past, present and future.
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Frequently asked questions

thingCHARGER for Android Edition is shipping now.

Thanks to our customers' feedback, yes.

Simply press the button to adjust the tip up or down for a thick case, thin case or no case at all.
You know your own house, your own devices and your own life. Just use thingCHARGERs where your things will be safe.
Very little. Forgive us while we get technical for a moment:

USB charging operates at 5 volts. We deliver a very high-quality 2.1 amp charge at 5v... but basic physics means that at 110 volts that's only a 0.1 amp draw of the 15 amps available at a domestic outlet.
thingCHARGER itself is very stable. By design you'll see it has two sets of prongs on the back. The second set isn't needed for electricity, it is there purely to make sure thingCHARGER sits really firmly in the outlet.
Just make sure that if you stack several thingCHARGERs together you put your largest thing closest to the wall.
No more than feels stable and safe to you, and never more than 3 please. If you have a large item like a tablet, put it on the inside nearest the wall.
thingCHARGER is made for all standard 'Type B' (North America style) outlets installed upright.

If your outlets are installed sideways or upside-down thingCHARGER will still deliver superfast charging from USB outlets. And some folks have even been attaching their phones to the tip (now on the side or the bottom!) and charging just fine. (For the safety of your device and longevity of the tips we don't recommend this.)

GFI outlets (those safetly outlets you find in kitchens and bathrooms which have the red and black “reset” buttons built into them) often have non-standard spacing between the outlets so won't accept any adaptor like ours with standard spacing.

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