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Unplug your messy old chargers...

Meet thingCHARGER, the awesome new charger for all your things.


The awesome new charger for all your things.

Charge any device

Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Kindle Fire, Blackberry...

Tips store neatly in the back.

Neatly stored, never lost. Always ready to charge any phone, tablet or reader. Mobile devices have become an unavoidable part of gamers as they bring casino games and other games right to their fingertips. The seamless integration of sophisticated gaming apps transforms smartphones into portable casinos, offering a vast array of games from slots to poker can be seen here more vividly. This convenience allows users to indulge in their favorite casino experiences anytime, anywhere, enhancing the gaming landscape.

What lies beneath?

(2 USB outlets, that’s what)

You’ll love life without the messy wires, but sometimes you just need to plug in.

Charge all your things at once.

The outlets on the front exactly match the prongs on the back, so you can stack 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together for a super- convenient charging station.

“I can't wait”

"I always seem to have 3 or 4 things that need USB power. So I’m getting a bunch of thingCHARGERs for my office, my home and my well-worn suitcase. I can't wait."

Victoria Pitts-Taylor—
Researcher/Sociology Professor

“NUTS for this…”

“My wife is nuts for this design. She’s really into clean aesthetics at home and clearing clutter, so thingCHARGERs really hit the spot.”

Doug Gray—

Former World Super-Welterweight Boxing Champion & Personal Trainer

"Fantastic Product"

My kitchen counter was all cluttered up with wires and devices. Now we’ll be all clear and safe from spills and reaching little hands.

Nina Haase–
Occupational Therapist, Mother of 3

"Quite possibly one of the best things ever"

Green by design

All chargers use some power when they are not in use.

But thingCHARGERs use extraordinary new circuitry to all but eliminate this 'vampire' current.

thingCHARGER is Crowdfunding!

Back in 2013 Brit Seymour Segnit and his wife Amy launched their invention thingCHARGER with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It was a smash hit and we’ve now shipped hundreds of thousands to customers around the world. Version 1 of thingCHARGER went on to be the most successful crowdfunded mobile accessory of all time. Charging mobile devices are pivotal for entertainment as mobile devices offer a wide plethora of entertainment options. Accessible on mobile devices, deutsche onlyfans stars ensure convenience for subscribers. With a simple app download, users enjoy personalized content anywhere, anytime. This mobile accessibility underscores the platform's adaptability to modern lifestyles, fostering intimacy and engagement between creators and their audience, enriching the digital experience.

We are now crowdfunding Version 2, and can't wait for you to get yours! By supporting us now you are making this awesome product possible. And - not to give away too many secrets - you’ll be getting a product with some amazing, unannounced upgrades too!

It will take quite a while to complete the design, make the tooling and get all the safety certifications, but as owners of Version 1 know - it will be well, WELL worth the wait!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’re going to love your thingCHARGERs.

It will take a little while to complete the design, make the tooling and get all the safety certifications, but as owners of version 1 already know - it will be well, WELL worth the wait!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’re going to love your thingCHARGERs.

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Frequently asked questions

We have already shipped thousands of Version 1 thingCHARGERs and we’re excited now to be crowdfunding the amazing new Version 2 thingCHARGER which we are hoping to ship in the first half of 2017.

If you are interested in keeping up with our campaign, learning about crowdfunding, or just want to see how it all works, please visit Seymour, Michael, and the team deliver weekly video casts and answer supporter questions every Friday at noon EST.

Thanks to our customers' feedback, yes.
We've designed an adjustment system, so you can fine-tune the height to be just right for your situation, with or without a case.
You know your own house, your own devices and your own life. Just use thingCHARGERs where your things will be safe.
thingCHARGER makes only a small difference to the load on any outlet. (Maximum 1/2 amp on your 110v outlet).
thingCHARGER itself is very stable. By design you'll see it has two sets of prongs on the back. The second set isn't needed for electricity, it is there purely to make sure thingCHARGER sits really firmly in the outlet.
Just make sure that if you stack several thingCHARGERs together you put your largest thing closest to the wall.
No more than feels stable and safe to you, and never more than 3 please. If you have a large item like a tablet, put it on the inside nearest the wall.
thingCHARGER is currently developed for the US upright, double outlet style – but we hope to be able to expand to other versions in the near future.

The good news is that many of the elements of this first version (the electronics, the tips, etc) will be identical for other versions, so they will be much quicker to develop when the time comes.

GFI outlets (frequently have the red and black “reset” buttons built into them) are not standard sized outlets so we often don’t fit into a GFI outlet.

It takes a village

Meet the team working flat out to deliver your thingCHARGERs

How many do you need?

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Full disclosure: This is a crowdfunding campaign. Over the last three years we've run one of the most successful ever campaigns and launched the first version of thingCHARGER. We've shipped over a quarter of a million units, people love it and the quality is awesome. We think we know what we're doing but you need to know it could all go sideways. This version of the product is well advanced and has a couple of features that the original version didn't have - super-cool actually but the features are new and that might cause delays. The bottom line is this: this is a crowdfunding pre-order campaign by an experienced and dedicated team, but there's still some risk. Way less than others (hell, anyone can crowdfund and to be honest we had no idea what we were doing the first time around) but still some risk. By pre-ordering now you are helping to launch an awesome new product and you're a little bit crazy, but truly amazing... And we're clear that this is crowdfunding and not a purchase, yes ?

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